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Adobe Illustrator released CC 2015.3 in June 2016 and with it a feature that has been long-awaited by icon designers, vector artists, and UI designers: the ability to easily save assets and/or artboards to multiple sizes and formats at the same time. No more creating complicated Actions or JavaScript Extension scripts to automate batch conversions. Save your files to drives with faster access speeds. For example, use an internal hard drive rather than a network server (network drive) or external drive.

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The PDF exports are now vectorized, allowing you to copy and paste text from sticky notes and text boxes within the export, and even open the PDF in Illustrator   At any time, you can browse through document versions and go back to an older version.

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Illustrator long save time

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Illustrator long save time

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR Software. KODAK PRINERGY. TOOLS. Improve accuracy. I have saved so much time by automating tasks.

Illustrator long save time

When I save a file, it will take a minute or two to finish the save, whereas it used to take seconds before the OS upgrade. The files will always open and save when I ask them to, it just takes a really long time to do so. I've tried Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I'm trying to create a repeat square out of six pretty heavy (100MB-700MB) Illustrator illustrations. When all six files are placed they weigh in at around 1GB. I need around 30 of these files placed on the page to complete my repeat square, but this is near-impossible for my computer (iMac 2011 16GB 2.7GHz i5) and Illustrator to handle without crashing. I found this really useful Illustrator Javascript that lets you automatically add the filename, date and time to your file.
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Illustrator long save time

This is an excessive amount of time wasted in waiting for it to do its thing, as I can't proceed with anything else while it is saving.

Fuse / Getty Images There are thousands of piddling, trivial things anyone can do to save Get expert insight into techniques healthcare professionals use to engage with patients and save time with shared decision-making.
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… Here's how to get Illustrator for free for seven days. Click the "Try for free" button. Sign in or set up your Adobe ID. Download the free trial version and start creating. When I save a file, it will take a minute or two to finish the save, whereas it used to take seconds before the OS upgrade.

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Additionally, the Illustrator file size is so large that when I export it to a PDF, it crashes my Adobe Acrobat. I have tried compressing the PDFs, but it hasn't done much to help.